Thursday, May 7, 2015

Helvey's Mill Shelter - Nobo 589

This post is from May 7, 2015.   The GPS data from today's hike can be found at:

Very humid and hot again today. Made 24 miles to tent outside this shelter at 7:45pm, there was a cloudburst at about 5pm that forced me to scramble to get my pack cover and my Goretex shell on. I now have just 16 miles to go tomorrow to get to Trents grocery where I have a mail drop waiting. Getting there for tomorrow night aligns me exactly with my schedule. I have decided to get a ride from there to Pearisburg Friday at 4pm and get a hotel. I will leave all my heavy stuff in that hotel and get a ride back to Trents grocery Saturday at 6am and slack pack the 25 miles from the grocery store trail head to Pearisburg. This means I will be in a hotel in Pearisburg Friday and Saturday nights which will be a luxury even though the hiking mileage remains high Saturday.

Crossed I-77 just 2 miles before tonight's camp:

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  1. It looks so dry out there. I'll bet real people were happy to get the rain. Glad you can enjoy some hotel living these next couple of evenings. Take care of those body parts of yours! Looking forward to seeing you soon. I love you.