Friday, May 8, 2015

VA 606 Trents Grocery - Nobo 606

This post is from May 8, 2015.   The GPS data from today's hike can be found at:

Got an early start today and made it to my mail drop at Trents grocery by 2:30pm. Had awesome steak and cheese sub and fries and milkshake. Much needed after last night's supper of crackers and peanut butter. AOK.

Met COB "chief of the boat " ex navy guy at last night's shelter. Met Trail Pilgrim late fifties participant in this years WARRIOR HIKE for veterans. Met IRISH a triple crowner tonight (AT PCT CDT) repeating the AT in his sixties. He and I share the dubious fame of both having been evacuated from base camp on Aconcagua with pulmonary edema. Ah, the good times...

When I reached the end of the rainbow, my quest, my Holy Grail today - Trents Grocery:

There I found waiting for me that which I sought- my first mail drop!:

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  1. Great photos and reading your very interesting comments of folks you are meeting on the trail. Sending love and wishes for good hiking.