Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I-81, Atkins, VA -northbound mile 542

This post is from May 5, 2015.    The GPS data from today's hike can be found at:


Today was a bit harder for me than yesterday but I still made 26 miles by 7:30pm. I have some hot spots from the new pack and my feet are a bit sore.
I am now 11 miles ahead of my schedule which good because my schedule had me doing 74 miles over the next 3 days which I can now drop to 63. Only doing 21 per day will be better.

Here is a view of Virginia looking west from the trail at about 5:30pm today:

I met BROADWAY, a young man from Lexington,VA at a spring where I was refilling water (emptying my water faster now in this heat). A few minutes later I re-met ELECTRIC LIZARD who I had met way south maybe the Smokies. She is from Tewksbury and is starting Veterinary school at Tufts in August. We actually hiked together for 4 miles at the end of my day which was a record for me hiking with anyone since GA by about 3.9 miles since I never stayed with anyone before for more than a tenth of a mile. I stopped here but she was continuing on to camp about 3 miles north. She was on a mission as she needed to meet a friend at a road in 48 hours to get off the trail for a few days to go a concert with that person. She took this picture of me in front of a historic schoolhouse right on the AT:

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  1. The old schoolhouse photo is very interesting. I imagine the little children of all ages sitting in one classroom. I wonder who maintains the building. Love, Mama