Tuesday, May 12, 2015

VA 621 - Nobo 682

This post is from May 12, 2015.    The GPS data from today's hike can be found at:

Helen and I sashayed our way through 11 miles of beautiful Virginia countryside today. This is a shot of the spot where we had lunch:

After lunch we passed a marker denoting the Eastern Continental divide. I actually believe that I have been walking along this divided during a good part of my hike in Tennessee and North Carolina as well:

At the end of the day we encountered some awesome trail magic at the spot where we left our second rental car. We enjoyed talking to the hosts of the magic as well as to a couple of young hiker brothers from North Adams Massachusetts:

Helen hiked the whole day with me today which was a fairly big day for her at 11 miles. I will hike alone tomorrow for 22 miles and Helen will join me for 7 miles of my hike on Thursday. It's great having Helen's company.


  1. The views are so beautiful - breathtaking. It must be exciting hiking along the Continental Divide. It must be fun meeting so many other hikers. Helen is doing such a great job. I am very proud of her. Enjoy each other's company. Miss you both. Sending love, M-L

  2. Hi Paul and Helen, What do you mean by, "trail magic" along the way. M-L