Friday, September 25, 2015

Katahdin Stream Campground - Nobo 2180

This post is from September 25, 2015. The GPS data from today's hike can be found at:
I drove the Honda 250 to Abol Bridge this morning from my hotel in Millinocket,the Baxter Park Inn. I then hiked 10 easy miles to the Hunt Trail trailhead at Katahdin Stream Campground in Baxter. I could have just pushed on and finished the AT at that point but the plan is to summit and finish together with Ray tomorrow (and that would have meant getting down near dark and I am now hiking light without tent and sleeping stuff so I really needed to be wise and wait).  So, I was several miles into the park and started to walk out while hoping for a ride. In one hour 3 cars passed me and I had walked 3 miles when the 4th car picked me up. They gave me a ride not only out of the park but also the additional 4 miles to Abol Bridge where the motorcycle awaited. That was pretty good luck all in all. I was back in Millinocket at my hotel by 3:30. Five steep miles to go. I am looking forward to Helen and Ray's arrival around 9pm tonight. We will be leaving here around 5am for summit and finish day. Here are a few shots from today's little hike;

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