Thursday, September 24, 2015

Rainbow Stream Lean-to - Nobo 2155

This post is from September 23, 2015. The GPS data from today's hike can be found at:

I was hiking by 7:05 this morning and had made 24 miles by 5:55pm. I am only 15 miles from exiting the 100 mile wilderness so I called it a day earlier than usual.

From the summit of Nesuntabut Mountain today I had an enticing view of Katahdin:

One of the reasons I stopped earlier today is that this was a particularly appealing site for the shelter. You can see that my campsite is beautiful:

There were a few thru hikers all sleeping in the shelter. I am the only tenter. One of them, a 23 year old man from Georgia, was named FOX.

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